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Mary Lett Photo

My name is Mary Lett and I am a therapist practicing at the Pathway Center for Psychotherapy.  I work with adult individuals on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and relationship concerns. Therapy works best when you can come to it with some curiosity and openness.

My practice tends to be about learning, self-awareness, and insight. Maybe you are in a place where you’ve lost curiosity or you feel stuck and tired. That’s okay too– sometimes you need time in therapy to find your way back. People come to therapy for many different reasons.  I am committed to beginning with you where you are and I tailor treatment to your unique needs. Therapy is an intensely personal undertaking that requires a lot of courage, and one that has the capacity to produce healing and change.


I am currently accepting new clients. The fee for a 50 minute appointment is $120. I also accept BlueCross BlueShield insurance and can provide you with a receipt if you have another insurance and wish to file for out-of-network benefits.


Appointments are available Monday- Thursday with daytime and evening hours offered. Request an appointment online through the client portal. Contact me here, or feel free to call or email with any questions: 678.827.5706, mary@atlanta-therapy.com.

If you are in a crisis, or someone you care about is in a crisis, and you would like to talk to a trained professional immediately, please call any of the following hotlines:
georgia crisis & access line
suicide prevention lifeline
disaster distress helpline